Welcome to the Employee Assistance Office (MBS)

Is a tricky situation at work getting you all tied up in knots?


Help is available! Unpick the situation and work out solutions with our independent advisory services.

  • Are the lines of communication in your team still open, or have you long since stopped trying to get through?
  • Does it sometimes feel like others are speaking a different language?
  • How far should you back down – and what should you challenge?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed, misunderstood, frustrated or unfairly treated?
  • Is there a lack of balance between the demands placed on you and the encouragement and recognition you receive?
  • Are you struggling to combine your research and leadership responsibilities?
  • Are you getting more and more annoyed by difficult tasks imposed on you as a team, project or research leader?
  • Are attempts at reconciliation simply exacerbating the conflict?

Difficulties in the workplace happen – for employees, managers, professors and researchers alike. The important thing is to act in good time, before a situation gets out of hand or a disagreement escalates.

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