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Employee Assistance Office


Please note: We aim to respond to your inquiry usually within one working day and will agree on an individual counseling appointment.


In case of urgent mental crisis, please contact the following institutions:

- UZH clinic's emergency line (044 255 11 11)

- Emergency psychiatrist of the canton of Zurich (0800 33 66 55).


The UZH's employee assistance office may be reached in various ways as follows:

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Email with a short description of your issues. We will usually reply within one working day.


External: 044 634 1100, internal: 411 00. If we do not pick up, please leave a message with a short description of your issues. We will usually get back to you within one working day.


Virtual drop-in service for initial contact on Teams with contact name MBS UZH whitout appointment in advance for a first description of your issues and scheduling appointment for further assistance. Tuesday 12:00 –13:00 (except public holidays).

Please also note the news section on the right for further information about walk-in availabilities, e.g. in case we are not able to offer a walk-in availability on a specific date due to absences.


Weiterführende Informationen

You can find our MBS office here:

E-Mail, phone, walk-in

There are many ways to get in touch with us